2006/01/25, 03:29:37, UTC

Nick Mariette

Sydney, Australia

Nick has been working with spatial audio since 1994 (simulating ITD and IID binaural cues on a Motorola 56002 DSP). For five years he worked at Lake Technology, first programming spatialization tools (such as BinScape), then system engineering and finally as product manager for the Huron (digital audio convolution workstation). Nick is now studying for his PhD in computer science at University of New South Wales, Sydney, on perceptual optimization of binaural audio for mobile augmented reality systems. Nick recently built an ambisonic microphone which he uses with an Edirol R4 portable 4-track hard disk recorder to capture ambisonic sound fields for live surround improvisation performances. Nick's websites are at: http://soundsorange.net and http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~nickm