2005/11/12, 01:23:27, UTC

 G format

(Essentially taken from sursound posts by Richard Elen and Dave Malham)

.... note .... this page is in progress.

Fully reversible speaker decodes. Phase preservation is necessary in the encoding into G and decoding back into B.

Default G-format is an ITU5.0 speaker layout... decoded from 1st order.

* Source format for decode - eg b3 for planar B-format, u2 for 2-ch UHJ, u3 for 3-channel UHJ, etc
* Target system - number of speakers and layout, eg i(tu)5, r6 (regular hexagon), r4 (square), etc etc
* Shelf filters - eg s<one of defined list?> or s0 = none
* Order - ?

Thus "G-b3r4s0" would tell you it was a G-format signal sourced from
horizontal B-Format and decoded for a 4-speaker square array, with no
shelf filters (so B-format could be recovered with no unpleasant