2005/11/09, 16:05:26, UTC

 Successor format for B-Format

File Extension

Remains *.amb

Channel Format

Remains identical as described on this page

File Format

Compressed or not?

Not being able to do 64 Bits is determined not to be a problem.


  •       ?
  1. WAVE-EX format  (here) limited to 4 Gig
  2. FLAC (explained here). Is there a size limit for FLAC(?)
  3. W64 (sonic foundary, well supported by open source libraries (libsnd etc.),
    oes multi-channel files, does 64 bit (or not), file size not limited to 4gig...
    but does not seem to be well supported by commercial apps)
  4. CAF (http://developer.apple.com/documentation/MusicAudio/CoreAudio-date.html)

Description of shelf filters in the header (once agreed upon)

Full (unabiguous) support up to N order, including horiz/height mixtures. 

FLAC (or whatever) compression of N channels 

XML or other representation of encoding/decoding coefficients > (once agreed upon!) 

UHJ support up to 4 channels 

Probably 64bit chunk sizes for beyond the 4GB barrier