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Streaming 5.1 AAC samples of ambisonic decodes

Click on the play icons below and the embedded Quicktime player will send an ambisonic surround sound 5.1 mix to your soundcard.

  • you might need to select Quicktime > plugin settings > Audio to choose the right audio device
  • Sit in the middle of a square layout for the best experience
  • Centre channel and LFE are omitted (not needed by ambisonic decode. Ok, so its really a 4.0 mix)
  • If you dont have a surround sound capable sound card, Quicktime will fold the rear 2 channels into the front 2 and playback over stereo

Leave some comments at the bottom of the page about your experience :). The aim is to get a quality surround sound experience directly out of the browser.

John Leonard's Warbirds (field recording/sound effect)

Aaron Heller's Eight Positions (synthetic walk around announce to confirm speaker positions)

Henry Walmsley's Eight Oktas (Electronic Composition)

Paul Doornbusch's Achutaraya Tank (field recording at archaelogical dig in India)

Aaron Heller's recording of Glazunov Spanish Dance (classical music)

Paul Hodges' recording of Widor Kyrie (classical music)

random AC3 test