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The next generation
surround sound experience,
by the enthusiasts, for the
home theatre.
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Ambisonia Podcasts

RSS2 icon The Podcast URL (for files in the *.amb format) is

By copy-ing and pasting that URL into your podcast client you will:

  1. be notified of any new ambisonic files that have been posted on the site (including the description, author etc.).
  2. be able to automatically download any new content to your computer. To do this you need a bittorrent enabled podcast client. We recommend the following:
    • Juice (for Windows, OSX and Linux)
    • Azureus (for Windows, OSX and Linux)

Podcasts are also published that offer access to the Ambisonic files published in other formats (currently DTS, and eventually Binaural)

RSS2 icon The Podcast URL for the DTS version of the files is

For more about Podcasting, check out this page on wikipedia....