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The next generation
surround sound experience,
by the enthusiasts, for the
home theatre.
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Huh? What is this site about? ... and what is Ambisonics? is a community of surround sound enthusiasts who publish high quality surround sound in a format called Ambisonics.

evolution of sound

Ambisonics is a new type of surround sound technology that offers a more immersive, emotive and accurate surround audio experience

When you watch a DVD with surround sound, that sound is usually 'post-produced' or artificially created in a studio. There's very little 'real' surround sound in DVDs. The movie industry always places the voice in the centre speaker and sounds are more heavily distributed in the front 2 speakers. Ambisonics, however, is the real deal. Ambisonics delivers the real surround sound experience by using advanced audio processing techniques to accurately re-create all the aspects of a sound field.

The pieces published on range from field recordings, to electronic compositions to classical music recordings. The ambisonic community includes many people from different walks of life who all share a passion for high quality surround sound. Here, you are invited to share their passion and listen in real, glorious, next-generation surround sound.

To download audio from this site you will need a bittorent client... and you will also need software to playback the audio. A list of available software can be seen here.