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Ambisonic Format

The ambisonic Format (*.amb) will give the best surround playback experience (compared to DTS and binaural) because:

  1. It can be played back on any number of speakers (with the right software/hardware combo)
  2. Many ambisonic recordings include height(*)
  3. There is no compression on the file
  4. It can be decoded into any speaker layout

Note: If you are new to Ambisonics, the fastest way to get experience Ambisonics is to use the DTS format

To play back Ambisonic files you will need a Software/Sound Card/Amplifier and speaker combination that allows you to output and amplify multiple channels of Audio. For sample set-ups please see this WIKI page.

Consult the Ambisonia WIKI for available software players.

* To find out if a file has height information, look at the file details just above the Google maps. If the Order field contains "3D" then height information exists, and can be experienced with a speaker array such as a cube layout