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The next generation
surround sound experience,
by the enthusiasts, for the
home theatre.
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about is a web site that has been developed to

  1. help the ambisonic community share and showcase their work,
  2. help newcomers access ambisonics,
  3. grow the ambisonics community by building a micro-economy around creating/publishing work.

You might want to read a more 'ground up' description of ambisonics and has now become a publishing platform for any producer/amateur wishing to expose their surround sound work to the world. The long term aim is to create a mini-economy around the production and publication of surround sound work, hence enabling the community to continue their work.

Ambisonia was originally started by Etienne Deleflie in late 2005 as The name was changed since there were, in fact, no bootlegs on the site :)

Many thanks to:

  • Paul Hodges, who doesn't just contribute many recordings, and also mirror the complete contents of Ambisonia, but who also offers his expertise on networking issues to help solve the occasional 'technical' problem.
  • Richard Lee, who constantly volunteers hi extensive expertise on all things ambisonic.
  • John Leonard, who contributed many recordings early on (helping to build the site), and continues to contribute his work.
  • Fons Adriaensen, whose generously Open Source audio software is used to translate ambisonic files into other formats.
Ofcourse, there are many more people who have contributed significantly. Of particular note are the members of the Ambisonia contributors email list, who regularly offer their opinion and advice when ever a new challenge comes up.

All communication is welcome: pic of address