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Image of a DTS CD

This file is the torrent file for downloading a zip file containing CUE and WAV files which can be used to burn a DTS CD. The WAV file is DTS encoded, so DO NOT attempt to play it in a CD player, but only in a DVD player with a DTS decoder. Only four speakers are used, which should be placed in a square. The three tracks are Duruflé - Ubi Caritas, Widor - Kyrie, and Applause from my previously uploaded ambisonic files. The conversion to G-format was done using VVMic version 2.7b2, which has (unlike earlier versions) a square preset. The encoding to DTS was done with the $99 "SurCode CD Pro DTS" from Minnetonka.

Click here to get the file

Size 20.5 kB - File type application/x-bittorrent
by Paul Hodges last modified 2007-03-02 06:43

Had a listen

Posted by etienne at 2007-02-16 23:24
Sounds absolutely fantastic!

What encoder?

Posted by Kewl at 2007-02-24 16:20

It was probably discussed elsewhere, but can you indicate what DTS encoder was used? Also what settings did you use in VVMic (angles, ratios and gain). Thanks.

Encoding details

Posted by pwhodges at 2007-03-01 14:37

VVMic v2.7b2 has (unlike earlier versions) a square preset. The angles are +/-45 and +/-135, as you'd expect. Width and gain = 0, and directivity = 1.4. The encoding was done using Minnetonka's $99 "SurCode CD Pro DTS"

DTS 44.1 encoders

Posted by tmaedche at 2007-03-19 14:43

the Vortex Surround Encoder (OSX and XP) by Immersive Media Research also has a 44.1 DTS encoder and 30 day trial. Price $149,

Binaural encoding

Posted by spatial_t at 2007-05-31 14:42

VVMic, would you consider trying my Vortex Surround encoder for a "binaural" version of your piece?